Gas detection control unit for measurement of flammable and/or toxic gases as well as oxygen.



  • Smoke detection as option.
  • Graphic display.
  • Menu guided configuration.
  • 3 Alarm levels per channel. 24 freely configurable relays. Analog outputs 4…20 mA (only ET-8DA).
  • Number of Transmitters: 1 to 8 (4-20 mA).
  • Signal Processing: Microcontroller with A/D-Converter.
  • Alarm/Fault/Indication:  Illuminated graphic display (240 x 64) for indication of measured values, messages and alarms.
  • 24 (3 x 8) red LEDs for alarm indication.
  • LEDs for indication of channel fault (8 x yellow), channel operation (8 x green), operation (1 x green), device fault (1 x yellow).
  • User Interface:  Menu guided system via graphic display and keys. Completely configurable at device, no tools needed, 3 password protected servicing levels
  • Alarm Evaluation:  3 freely adjustable alarm levels per channel. Monitoring: over-scale, under-scale or min/max. Latching of each alarm configurable.
  • Relays, potential free: 24 change-over contacts 230 V / 5 A, ohmic (in total: max. 10A), freely configurable with Alarm 1 to 3 and transmitter fault, 2 change-over contacts 230 V / 5 A, ohmic, for maintenance mode and device fault.
  • Additional Features:  Adjustment of zero point and sensitivity of measuring channel RS 232/RS 485-Interface for communication with external periphery (PC or PLT-System). Key switch function (maintenance mode). Horn reset. Reactivation of alarms. 4 Digital inputs, potential free. 8 Analog. outputs 4-20 mA/0-10 V, potential free (only ET-8DA).
  • Operation Temperature: -10 °C to +40 °C, Humidity: non condensing
    Storage Temperature: -25 °C to +60 °C, Humidity: non condensing
    Options: ProfiBus, ModBus, Ethernet connection, Visualisation ET-View, …
    (with integrated ProfiBus DP-Module: ET-8DP, 230 V (Art. 320010), ET-8DP, 24 V (Art. 320011))


Service of stationary gas detectors:
SafeTech service department will perform for you the design, installation and maintenance services of the measurement center and heads. Our technicians will be happy to help you in practice and answer all your questions.


Download Gas detection control unit ET-8D(A)
Centrala sterująca ET 8D