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Measurement of gas concentrations


Gas concentration measurement is a service addressed to companies that do not have their own detectors. Our offer allows you to do gas leak testing and a general review of the gas installation. Each measurement is carried out by experienced professionals using only proven, properly calibrated devices.
Checking the tightness of gas installation is ideal for customers who rarely do work in hazardous conditions. Then professionally conducted security check is needed.

Rental of gas detection equipment


Rental of gas detectors is a perfect solution when you need to do work in dangerous conditions. Many companies rent detectors to secure the workplace while cleaning tanks or sanitary sewage systems. The rental offer concerns 4-gas detectors, suitable for precise concentration measurement of:

  • oxygen (O2),
  • explosive gases (LEL),
  • sulfur dioxide (H2S),
  • carbon monoxide (CO).

The most popular detectors from our offer are GasAlertMicro Clip in diffusion version and GasAlertMax XTII with internal pump for remote sampling.