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What will you learn during the training at the Safety Academy?

  • Permissible limits for gas concentrations in your workplace.
  • To master the preparation of the detector for operation and correct measurement of the atmosphere.
  • How to keep your gas detector in proper condition and ensure its effectiveness.
  • All the legal aspects, regulations and standards required in your workplace.

Take care of protection and comfort of your employees work in hazardous atmosphere.

Safety Academy provides certified hazardous gas measurement trainings since 2003. The program is based on the most up-to-date knowledge in national and European regulations. During the trainings you will benefit from the many years of experience of our experts. We work with large fuel concerns, water and sewage companies and fire brigades.

We provide services to the shipyards, mining, energy and food industries. Our wide range of services help to maintain high level of safety on land and at the sea. During the training, you will learn how to maintain gas and personal safety while carrying out everyday tasks in your company.

What will you learn at the Safety Academy?

  • How to stay safe in your workplace and avoid the threats of hazardous gases.
  • How to carry out reliable measurements of selected gases at the right place and time.
  • How to react in crisis situations like alarm or incorrect detector reading.
  • How to take care of the efficient operation and proper use of the selected measuring equipment.
  • How to perform self bump tests and verify the correct operation of the gas detector.
  • How to use the knowledge provided by experts in practice.

Why is it worth working with SafeTech?

Find out our Clients oponions.

  • "We've been cooperating with SafeTech since 2014 in the field of delivery, service and technical advice on personal security measures for our inspectors. Professionalism and quality of services give us a sense of safety and confidence that we are in good hands"

    Adam Konrad Łobodziński, RINA Services S.p.A, EMEA Manager
  • "SafeTech specialists provided our company with high quality services, as well as diligence and timeliness during the implementation of the entrusted projects"

    Henryk Schlanger, Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji VEOLIA w Tarnowskich Górach, Vice President of the Board
  • "SafeTech is a solid and trustworthy partner who carried out all the works in accordance with the principles of technical knowledge, procedures applied to company's requirements and at a high quality level. The service of all devices was performed in a reliable and timely manner. Thanks to SafeTech's openness to technical solutions, we gained access to new technologies. This allows me to recommend SafeTech as a proven partner."

    Marcin Ramos, Mostostal Montaco sp. z o.o., Production Director
  • "We recommend SafeTech as a reliable and competent company that has provided us with the highest standard of services."

    Tomasz Olędzki, Germanischer Lloyd Polen sp. z o.o., President of the Board

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We will teach you how to effectively protect yourself against hazardous gases.

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