To all customers interested in security technology, we offer trainings with use of safety devices and equipment. We conduct training in the areas of:

  • measuring dangerous gases techniques
  • smoke removal and ventilation techniques
  • thermovision measurements techniques

We are the only Baltic authorized partner recommended for shipowners in the Honeywell service network in Poland (see the map). That’s why we service gas detection equipment every day from 8am to 8pm, excluding Sunday.

We service the remaining equipment as soon as possible, also for customers from remote parts of the country (mail order).

For your convenience, we have launched the possibility of sending equipment to the service through our courier. We will send you a shipping bill ready for your inbox, which you just need to print and deliver to the courier you ordered earlier. The shipping cost will be added to the final invoice.

We support devices of:

BW Technologies and RAE (by Honeywell) – authorized service, Dräger, MSA, Biosystem, Sperian, Industrial Scientific, ExTox, Bieler-Lang, Gazex, Aisko

Portable measuring instruments – we provide:

  • periodic inspections and calibrations
  • replacement of parts and components (sensors, batteries, housings, etc.)

Stationary measuring instruments – we provide:

  • design and installation of complete detection systems
  • periodic inspections
  • efficient tests
  • detectors calibration
  • assembly and service of cooperating devices (GSM messaging modules, signaling devices)

Breathing apparatus and masks – we provide:

  • inspections, tests, legalization, repair

Gas tight suits – we provide:

  • inspections, tests, legalization

Breathalyzers – we provide:

  • inspections, legalization

Control and measurement devices – we provide:

  • inspections, legalization

We provide authorized service for the calibration of BW Technologies and RAE by Honeywell detectors:
– portable gas detectors
– stationary detection systems

For the best performance of the service, we have extensive service facilities including equipment, software and gauze gases. This allows us to perform the service in the shortest possible time, with all procedures provided by the device manufacturers.