Certified trainings in dangerous gas measurement techniques
in Safety Academy.


Our mission is to maximize the convenience and safety of the work of rescuers and personnel of individual companies. That is why we conduct comprehensive trainings in the field of gas detection. You will find the quintessence of knowledge and skills that every gas detector user should possess. After the training, participants receive a personal certificate.

The offer is addressed to users of systems operating in hazardous gas zones, suppliers and device designers, employees and managers responsible for security issues. The Security Academy has been operating since 2003. Thanks to many years of experience, SafeTech provides detailed, up-to-date information on the selection, service and documentation of measuring devices.

We provide practical knowledge in the most accessible way. We believe that well-organized workshops and demonstrations are the most effective way to increase the efficiency and safety of company staff and professional rescuers.

We train at SafeTech headquarters and at the Client’s place.

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