Calibration of equipment will ensure safe operation and functionality of equipment and will also meet with the applicable regulations and codes of practice. Various calibration gas options are easily available.

  • Certified single gas and gas mixtures

Dräger provides single gases and gas mixtures of reliable, constant quality. These are available in a range of different size cylinders. Each cylinder includes a certificate of analysis confirming the respective gas concentration.

  • Tailor-made for Dräger gas measuring devices

The Dräger calibration gases are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the range of gas measuring devices and sensors within Dräger’s portfolio.

  • Recyclable cylinders

The gases are supplied in small, light and recyclable disposable cylinders. Therefore, calibration tasks and function tests can easily be carried out in the workshop or on site.

  • Pressure regulators

​All Dräger pressure regulators are adjusted to the optimal flow for Dräger devices. Different pressure regulators are available, also for reactive gases like ammonia or chlorine.

  • Especially designed for Dräger X-dock® and Bump Test Station

​Dräger calibration gases are tailored for the use with Dräger X-dock and Bump Test Station. X-dock identifies the applied gas by means of the order number, thereby saving valuable time when entering different substances.