Basic reusable gas-tight suit intended for lighter industrial work. Made from a soft and durable material. Certified to EN 943-1.

  • Strong yet soft and durable material,
  • Ideal against alkalis, low concentration acids and cooling media, e.g. ammonia,
  • Intended for low hazard environments.

AlphaTec® LIGHT comes in four different designs to fit all user preferences:

  • Encapsulating design type CV (wide vision visor with 3D depth of 20 cm) – Well-proven design that fits on top of all major SCBA brands and bottle sizes
  • Encapsulating design type VP1 (larger visor) – Fits on top of all major SCBA brands and bottle sizes
  • Non-encapsulating design type T – Suitable for work in confined spaces
  • Encapsulating design type FREEFLOW- For use with external air source (see Air-Fed Garments)

Garment material

  • Strong and flexible polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. This construction provides a soft and durable material with good resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals.


  • Seams are stitched and sealed with a welded-on tape on the out­side.


  • Orange


  • EN 943-1:2015 and EN 943-1/FprA1:2018
  • EN 1073-2:2002 (radioactive particle protection)
  • EN 14126:2003 (infective agent protection)
  • EN 1149-5:2008 (antistatic suit material)
  • SOLAS*

* Only non-encapsulating / type T suits.


Penetration time in minutes
Sodium hydroxide, 40% >480
Sulphuric acid, 96% >120
Ammonia gas >480
Ammonia liquid, 99,5% >480