MDP Gazex MDP-4, MDP-8, MDP-16 alarm measurement modules are designed for control and supply of DEX® / P and DG / P measuring gas detectors with measuring outputs of the standard 4 ... 20mA, produced by GAZEX.
Microprocessor MDP alarm module can control work from one to four (MDP-4), up to eight (MDP-8) or up to sixteen (MDP-16) detectors, can control additional external optical and acoustic sirens, enables control and cooperation with other devices through contact outputs, it has the ability to cooperate with other modules or systems via opto-isolated inputs. Module in the MDP version ... Z can control shut-off valves.

Features and implemented functions of Gazex’s MPD alarm measurement modules:

  • 9V power supply = detectors (with load control),
  • control of wired connection with detectors,
  • the ability to assign individual detectors to one of two zones (or both) = practically creates two detection systems,
  • control of the operation of two shut-off valves and control of the wired connection (one valve assigned to one zone) in the MDP version ... Z,
  • possibility of manual triggering of output control signals (without the need to generate alarm signals from detectors),
  • possible additional modes of operation with silencing of the internal mermaid, with temporarily switching off module outputs, with automatic memory reset on the display,
  • graphic LCD screen with backlight option to select displayed units (% LEL,% signal, mA, ppm) the ability to set two alarm levels internal sounder,
  • non-volatile internal memory approx. 1,600 last events with a time stamp (real-time clock) the ability to adjust the alarm delay times,
  • 12V power supply = additional external devices (max 0.2A)
  • 2 alarm inputs (galvanically separated) for cooperation with additional devices and modules (cascade).

The photos / text were taken from the company’s information materials of GAZEX® . Name DEX®, Active Gas Instalation Safety System®, GAZEX® are registered trademarks of the company GAZEX®


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